The Ghanaian economy is developing rapidly and with this development comes increased competition for resources. One of the key resources to any company’s success is it’s people. Good employees are like gold. Keep them. Retain talent and improve your employees’ benefits with risk solutions to employer and affinity groups.

At Vanguard Life Assurance Company Limited (Vanguard Life), we realize the need to attract and retain resources and we have developed a Comprehensive Employee Risk Benefit Solution which will allow you to attract and retain staff.

Currently the law in Ghana requires all Employees to be covered under the Workmen’s Compensation Act of 1987 updated by the Workmen’s Compensation Instrument of 1994. The benefits cover employees should an injury occur in the Workplace.

Some companies have extended this cover to allow for Death or Disability which results from an Accident. The event is covered either in the workplace only or over a 24 hour period.

The Global trend is to offer Benefits which not only cover you in the event of an accident or event taking place in the Workplace but to cover all employees regardless of where the event occurs or the cause of the event. This is commonly known as “All occurrences benefits” or also referred to as “Any cause” benefits.

To avoid the duplication of cover Vanguard Life provides flexibility to choose stand-alone benefits or packaged benefits which include a combination of Workmen’s Compensation, Group Personal Accident and all occurrences benefits.

Vanguard Life will guide you through a process of benchmarking insurance benefits against that of your peers and international companies to ensure your staff have the best risk benefits.

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Vanguard Life Employee Risk Benefit Plan is an insurance policy designed to provide life insurance cover for employees of an institution. We summarize the benefits which are offered to Employees to cover against Life events which will have a financial impact on the company or employee and the dependent family.

It is common practice for companies to purchase a package of the benefits outlined below.

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Cash Back (Cash Bonus) of the 10% of initial annual total premiums paid will be payable every year under the policy if there is no claim on the policy during the year under consideration and if the policy is still in force.

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